Our Story

Goat Patch Brewing Company started like all great ideas, good friends with a common passion sitting around a kitchen table. Before a name, location, recipes or brand identity, we all agreed on a shared set of values: balanced brews, community engagement, and adventure.

Balanced Brews

In an industry that allows for unlimited creative freedom, we want to be known for our balanced variety of brews. Beer is personal and we want folks from all walks of life to find a beer they love while sitting in our taproom. 


Community Engagement

One of our foundational goals is to partner with our Colorado community through philanthropic efforts. Before a business plan, we had a non-negotiable: an exclusive community beer. Monday through Sunday from open to close, any purchase of our It Takes A Tribe Red will directly benefit a local non-profit in our area. Even in our taproom, patrons can get out of their seat and engage in our community.



Our Tribe challenges you to think outside the taproom. Life is a gift and meant to be celebrated. We hope our patrons make lifelong connections to their fellow neighbors while sharing a pint around our table. Even more, we hope those relationships lead you to take your watering hole on the road. Our custom filled crowlers were meant for biking, hiking, climbing and exploring the great outdoors.