Our Tribe


Justin Grant



Every company needs a resident honey-badger. Goat Patch’s honey-badger comes in the form of a retired Army Ranger with a wicked New England accent and a psychotic love for the New England Patriots (although unlike Tom Brady, Justin has never been accused of inflating his balls!)

Justin was born and raised in Maine and attended Norwich University, Military College in Vermont. After graduation, he began his career in the Unites States Army at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. From there, he volunteered for the U.S. Army Ranger School and upon completion became a member of the 2nd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

After leaving the Ranger Regiment, Justin continued to serve our country in the private sector with the Joint Special Operations Command. Justin made his way to Colorado Springs in 2010 by way of MGA Pediatric Home Healthcare. Starting with two account managers and an empty office, Justin helped grow MGA into one of the premier providers of pediatric home care in Southern Colorado. It serves over 650 families in the greater Colorado Springs and Denver regions.

Jen Grant

  Owner, Hospitality & Design Manager

Owner, Hospitality & Design Manager

If it weren’t for Jen having the amazing gift of “making any space feel like home,” Goat Patch would likely have a tasting room filled with lawn furniture and plastic tables.

From business management to bartending, Jen has successfully accomplished it all when it comes to the food and beverage industry. Jen’s vision is for people to feel like they’re part of the Goat Patch tribe from the moment they walk in GPB’s doors.

Although Jen was raised in Florida, her sense of adventure brought her to live in exciting places from Portland, Maine—to Long Beach, California. In addition to her travels, Jen’s critical role on the GPB team is to develop the tasting room and you'll often find her pouring beers behind the bar during the week. Her greatest joy comes in the form of her and Justin’s three children—Logan, Jake and their newest addition—sweet baby Maeve (thankfully they all look like their mom)!

Pete King



Pete King is a co-founder of Goat Patch Brewing Company and an East Coast friend of Justin Grant. Truth-be-told, if we shared some of Pete and Justin’s New England adventures … let’s just say we’d have to kill you.

Pete attended Northeastern University and studied business management with an emphasis on finance and entrepreneurship. One of Pete‘s passions is leading successful business endeavors. His “lead-by-example” style brings out the best in his teams. As a respected leader in the automotive industry, Pete has served as the General Manager of Watertown Ford in Waterford, MA. Under his leadership Pete and his team have consistently been recognized as one of the top fifteen Ford dealerships in the Northeast; and have also received the prestigious Presidents Award for customer satisfaction and sales performance.

Pete is a person who understands the importance of paying it forward and giving back. He is involved in his community, is a supporter of Boys and Girls Club of Watertown, and a supporter of ALS Knights which promotes the care for, and cure of, ALS. With Pete’s integrity and successful business experiences, he is a treasured part of the Goat Patch Brewing team.

Darren Baze

 Owner, Head Brewer

Owner, Head Brewer

Widely recognized in the community for his three-foot long "Goat Patch" style beard, Darren Baze found his way to the brewing industry after receiving a simple request to help on a bottling line. It wasn’t long before Darren realized his true passion was found in the art and science of brewing craft beer.

With over 13 years of professional brewing experience in Colorado, Darren has had a wide range of experience which includes: managing the Skull and Bones barrel aging sour project at Bristol Brewing, working as Head Brewer at Trinity Brewing Co. and, most recently, at Colorado Mountain Brewery’s Roundhouse location.

From sours to hop heavy IPA’s, Darren’s passion for brewing is anchored in his love of diversity and experimentation. Every palate is unique and Darren’s goal at GPB is to specialize in a balanced variety so every community member can find a beer that is the right fit for them. 

When not in the brew house, you can usually find Darren around town answering the questions “How long have you been growing that beard?  Have you ever thought about cutting it?  What made you grow that thing?  Do you ever wear it without the bands? And many other "Goat Patch" related questions... 

Cate Baze

 Owner, Community Outreach Coordinator

Owner, Community Outreach Coordinator

Craft beer is what brought Cate and Darren together in 2012. Since getting married, life has been a non-stop adventure. Cate was raised in Chicago and Western Michigan. She is a CSU graduate and received her Master’s Degree from Jane Addams School of Social Work in Chicago. Upon graduation, Cate was awarded a yearlong fellowship through Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School where she specialized in Pediatric Palliative Care.

Cate’s true passion of pediatric end-of-life care landed her in her full time position at MGA Pediatric Home Healthcare. When not working at MGA, Cate is keeping GPB priorities inline, using her social work background to coordinate GPB’s philanthropic efforts and generally making herself available to the greater GPB tribe.

If you see Cate around the taproom, expect to be challenged to get involved in GPB’s “Bleating Heart” night as well as to complete your Medical Durable Power of Attorney and other miscellaneous advanced care planning documents.

Johannah Murphy

 General Manager

General Manager

Johannah Murphy—a.k.a. “Jo” — a.k.a. “HBIC”—is Goat Patch Brewing Company’s general manager. Born and raised in Coastal Massachusetts, Jo completes GPB’s New England trifecta (Justin+ Pete+ Jo). At a young age, Jo developed a passion for craft beer while home brewing with her father.

Jo brings to Goat Patch seventeen years of experience, unsurpassed integrity, and a world-class work ethic. From serving behind the bar to brewing with some of Colorado’s finest, Johannah has been an active part of Colorado’s craft beer network for nearly a decade. One of Jo’s most gratifying memberships is standing alongside fellow female craft brewers in Colorado’s Pink Boots Society. 

As Goat Patch’s General Manager, Jo takes on the role of quintessential multi-tasker. She oversees the front of the house, finances, personnel issues, as well as overall day-to-day operations. Jo’s positive attitude and servant’s heart is an inspiration to every person she interacts with. When she wants to rest and recharge Jo can be found enjoying live music, floating down rivers, and truly enjoying the fruits (brews) of her labors.

Sarah Foster

Taproom Manager


Holding down the fort as GPB’s only Colorado native, we are thrilled to have Sarah as our Taproom Manager. Sarah comes to GPB with almost 20 years of industry experience. From bartending to managing to working on the sales and distribution side, Sarah has seen it all. Her knowledge coupled with her awesome energy are going to be the life-force to the amazing beertending staff we’ve hired on.